About Us

Lots of Love for Animals (LOLA) is a 501(c)3 organization with a Sanctuary in Chloride, Arizona and an office in Las Vegas, Nevada. LOLA was founded in 2005 by Maureen Metiva, Gerard Fogarty, Will and Mary Linville.

Maureen is an elementary school teacher who works with special needs kids. She began working with animal organizations twenty years ago while living in New Orleans, Louisiana. Establishing Lots of Love for Animals was the fulfillment of her dream.

Gerard managed industrial laundries for the City of New York until his retirement. A lifetime of building and fixing things prepared Gerard for planning and erecting a sanctuary, where there is always something to build or fix.

Maureen and Gerard acquired a piece of property in Chloride, Arizona in 2005. In 2006 they visited Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah, where they learned about constructing and operating an animal sanctuary. That year Maureen and Gerard began construction on a building large enough to house 140 cats and dogs with living space for caretakers. Gerard did as much of the work himself as he could, taking side jobs along the way to help finance the project.

The couple kept moving toward their goal despite the terrible economy. From the beginning they have paid the bulk of the organization’s bills. Maureen lost her house, but she and Gerard managed to keep the sanctuary open. LOLA received its 501(c)3 status in 2007, and Gerard declared the sanctuary livable in 2008, after receiving a large one-time donation that allowed him to finish stuccoing the main building.

Gerard, Maureen and several volunteers moved over 140 cats and dogs from all of their temporary housing in Las Vegas out to Chloride. It took months to get everyone transported, and once everyone had been settled in, the sanctuary was full to capacity.

LOLA Today

As of 2011, there are about 175 cats and 8 dogs living at the sanctuary. Cats and (a few) dogs now share both caretakers’ quarters as well as occupying their original living areas. There are also 40 cats and 5 dogs housed at various temporary locations in Las Vegas. The numbers constantly fluctuate. One month there will be four new kittens that someone dropped off, and once those kittens are adopted or fostered out, there are four fewer mouths to feed. The next day someone will bring in a homeless dog.

Maureen lives in Las Vegas and Gerard lives at the sanctuary; they’ve had to be apart since the sanctuary opened. Gerard manages to get away to Las Vegas for the weekend once or twice a month. There are three staff members at the sanctuary who work for room and board. In addition to working and taking care of animals each day, both Gerard and Maureen work with trap/neuter/return and adoption programs in Las Vegas and Chloride.

Maureen and Gerard devote most of their lives to LOLA. They have trouble turning away any animal in need. And because the shelters in Las Vegas and Kingman are always full, saying “no” usually means sending that stray cat or dog or litter of kittens to be euthanized.

So far, Maureen and Gerard have managed with the help of the part-time staff, volunteers, and some very good friends. Finding staff and volunteers is never easy, and finding people on a permanent basis is nearly impossible. A small group of volunteers performs all sorts of jobs, including taking care of animals and doing adoptions at PetSmart, fostering cats, kittens and dogs, fundraising, creating and maintaining the website.