Lots of Love for Animals actively rescues and places hundreds of cats and kittens each year (We rescue and place dogs too!).

Adoption Fees

Cats: $75 ($125 for two)

All adoptable animals are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and treated for fleas. All cats and kittens are also treated for worms and ear mites and litter-box trained.

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I've haven't had much luck lately, I've been at PetSmart for awhile, and the kittens have been getting all the attention. But I'm still hopeful that I can find my forever home. Come see me, come hold me. I know that I can be the perfect cat for the right family.

Pura (3-4 yrs)

My kittens and I were rescued from a urine-soaked shed where we were kept for many months. Only one of my kittens was adoptable; the others were too wild. I live with Gerard in the upstairs living quarters; I’m a great people kitty, I get along with other cats, and I like dogs. I’m very adoptable, but the problem is I don’t “show” well when taken to PetSmart.

Hobo (1 yr)

My path crossed LOLA’s when I was found wandering along U.S. 93 near Kingman, Arizona. The man who found me tried to keep me, but his other dogs didn’t want me around. Now I live at the sanctuary with lots of cats and a few other dogs.

Vivian (approx. 5 yrs)

I was discarded by my family 3 years ago and I found refuge under a bush in a nearby yard. A concerned neighbor called LOLA for help and I’ve been at the sanctuary ever since.

Lizzie (1-2 yrs)

I came to the sanctuary as a kitten from the town of Chloride. Even though I was a feral kitten, I was very young when I came to LOLA, and people handled me all the time. In fact, I love to be petted, and want lots of attention when you come in the room.

Kitkat (6-7 yrs)

I was rescued from a gated community that was planning to trap and kill all free-roaming cats. I’m a little adventurer. Most days I escape from my area out into the long sanctuary hall. There I can sit in one of the many windows, smelling all the scents and basking in the sun. I love other cats but I’m not at all fond of dogs.

Foster or Sponsor

We always have animals available for fostering or sponsorship. If you would like to foster or sponsor an animal, please call Maureen at (702) 338-4838.

If you would like to meet a cat or dog in person or visit the sanctuary, we are open by appointment only. Please call (928) 565-9009 or (702) 340-1121 to schedule a visit.

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Henry (2 yrs)

I’m a feral kitty who was found in a race car driver’s shed in Las Vegas. My mom and my sister and I found our way to the sanctuary. I love it there because I have a home on my terms—I can interact with other kitties, dogs and humans when I want, and I can get away to my favorite perch when I’ve had enough companionship.

Bogey (approx. 5-6 yrs)

I’m a big laid back snowshoe cat. I had so many urinary tract infections, I had to have my penis shortened so I could pass crystals. After that I never sweat the small stuff. For example, when Belly, another cat around here, is sitting on Gerard’s lap and I want to sit there too, I don’t get upset. I just jump right on top of her. And seeing that I’m around 18 pounds, Belly usually leaves.

Mummers (4 yrs)

I found my way to the sanctuary with my kittens about two years ago. All of my kittens were socialized and adopted out right away. But I’ve never gotten used to people. I’m gentle, but very shy. I like to hide out at the sanctuary where I can be near the other cats but have my own little corner.

Dudley (3 yrs)

I’m a herding dog, so I like to be in charge. This doesn’t always go down well with other dogs. Another thing about herders—we like to roam. I absolutely love the freedom of sanctuary life; I can roam free on the property for hours, and then return to my haven.